What’s stopping me?

I want to talk to you so bad. I want to ask how you’re doing, if you’re getting use to your new schedule yet, what you think of school so far, how work is, what’s going on inside your head? I want to ask so bad. But something is stopping me… it’s not time yet. […]

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Breaking the Silence

I’m just sick of playing games. I’m not going to wait for your apology. It’s  not coming. Instead, I will apologize to you. This is what I said: “I guess I need to say sorry, too. I went too extreme. The day I had started way before I got to you and I’m sorry for […]

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Summer Breeze

“Summer Breeze” [Intro:] It’s a real strange world Sometimes it feels like it’s not my world But it’s the only world I got. Or maybe, maybe it’s different now then? Different now then, than it used to be I don’t know, I can’t remember Hold on, wait a minute [Chorus:] Cause you can feel it […]

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I am not going to say another word to you physically. The ball is in your court now. I am going to surrender to this process. I am going to heal. And when I’m done, it’s your turn. Speaking of, I have a lot of work to do.. So long. See you then.

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And the cold wind blows..

Nothing. I did not send him my apology yesterday. He has a girl coming out to him this weekend. She needs “consoling”. “What do you mean by “consoling”?? “She needs someone to talk to” ………. I’m not a fucking idiot. This is why I unfriended him. I don’t want to see that. If you must […]

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