And the cold wind blows..

Nothing. I did not send him my apology yesterday. He has a girl coming out to him this weekend. She needs “consoling”. “What do you mean by “consoling”?? “She needs someone to talk to” ………. I’m not a fucking idiot. This is why I unfriended him. I don’t want to see that. If you must […]

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I’m sorry

I had a bad day yesterday. I’m sorry. I cried all the way home. I was crying long before I texted you. I needed you. All I wanted was for you to talk to me yesterday the most. I don’t know where I went wrong. I was internally begging to know where I stand. I thought […]

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False Flag

This is a crazy rollercoaster time of my life right now indeed. Managing his emotions as he flips flop back and forth between “get out” and “stay.” I really don’t have the means to move out right now. I mean I could, and I would struggle, but I don’t think it’s very worth it right now. […]

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Feeling suicidal today. Like what is the point. I am an idiot. My twin flame doesn’t want me. I called off the wedding to my soul mate. Why am I like this? I like to burn everything to the ground. And then look at the ashes and feel torment all over again. I thought burning […]

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Love is easy

Love is easy guys! It truly is. Our own thoughts and feelings about ourselves stop us from fully loving ourselves. If we cannot fully appreciate and love our own bodies and minds, how do we appreciate and love someone else completely? A good friend said to me today, “Most people are only happy in picture […]

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