Good Feelings=Proper Alignment

Woke up really irritated this morning. Maybe something happened in my dream, but maybe it was just you. It was. You are all over Facebook this morning. You posted “Need you tonight” after watching black mirror.. I suggested that. Before this you were posting very negative things. At first they triggered me. I ran into the forest and when I was done, I choose to ignore all future negative things by you. Not necessarily “ignore” maybe more like not acknowledge them or dismiss them. Want to bring that stuff around here?? Well I won’t be around kind of thing. I started to send you love after healing myself last night. I am starting to question why I get triggered, and turning those negative feelings/thoughts into positive healing words/thoughts/actions. It’s harder than you think.

I feel you soooo strongly today. I even felt you get a little nervous before posting that big long post about how you admit you’re a crazy asshole this morning. It’s surreal. I am not fearful. I know who I am, what I am, what is mine, and I am happy with or without you. It’s beautiful. But holy shit am I crazy about you. It’s … crazy …

It’s all in my heart, too. It pumps so fiercely and passionately. But I know we are not ready yet. But today showed just how much the laws of attraction and physics work! Our relationship is not limited to 3d. There is so much going on. And when I focus on what makes me happy and pursue it daily from moment to moment, I find just how much it helps you. Helps us. And brings us closer together.

We are both gods. I cannot wait for permanent union and merging.




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