The Missing Piece

What does this story mean to you?

To him it meant that he will always be looking for a missing piece until he looks inside himself and realizes that he is complete.

The missing piece found in this story was you and I.  I don’t know if we should truly be separated forever. All I know (and realized during this experience) is I would choose you a million times over. This ending is bitter-sweet if it is truly the end. A love so sweet and pure.. there was no dispute. I always thought it was you and you always thought it was me. If I could go back and time I would change a few things. I will always wonder what could have been. Would we have been happy? Would we have made children? Where would our life go? It’s uncertain. But what’s certain is this needs to happen for us to grow in order to find out.  Letting go is very hard. I am excited to see where you’ll go, I just wish you didn’t have to drop me off here.


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