Lost Valley Trail

Well I needed to get into nature again. But the feeling this time was more of a nudge from my guides rather than my willingness.  My phone wouldn’t stay charged. It was having problems since I got home. The nudge I was getting though was “go. go without your phone. go without your music. you […]

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Because I have had this thought to give up coffee for a week now. I remember counting how many cups I had yesterday. (it was 2. 2 small cups lol). I even skipped morning routine coffee waking up today. And then I saw your status update. It said “Days without coffee: 2 Murders: 0”. And […]

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Good Feelings=Proper Alignment

Woke up really irritated this morning. Maybe something happened in my dream, but maybe it was just you. It was. You are all over Facebook this morning. You posted “Need you tonight” after watching black mirror.. I suggested that. Before this you were posting very negative things. At first they triggered me. I ran into […]

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Nuvole Bianche (White Clouds)

Ok, let him sleep, Now he can not understand. No, don’t tell him Why she doesn’t feel this heart any more. Wind, you will not tell, He can not understand now, He is sleeping and doesn’t want, And she doesn’t like to be with this heart any more. Four winds and I’m alone… My writing…I […]

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A Reminder

We are all connected. Allow me to be a channel to teach. Come to me to learn and also so I can learn as well. Allow the time for my ego to react-and for my soul to rationalize. I am aware we are all souls in the mystery school of life. But we have narratives going on […]

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Not Looking Back

It makes sense to me when my mother said you were only doing this out of anger. You can color it pretty with what ever words you want though. Yeah I’m pissed a little that you couldn’t do what you’re “planning” on doing (move, get a new job) with me. That was our plan. You’re […]

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The Missing Piece

What does this story mean to you? To him it meant that he will always be looking for a missing piece until he looks inside himself and realizes that he is complete. The missing piece found in this story was you and I.  I don’t know if we should truly be separated forever. All I […]

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